The Big Game, Football, and Civil Religion

I have thought about it many times. I have been to few games at Ohio Stadium, attended baseball games in AAA leagues, and watched the Super Bowl while living in the US. It is amazing to witness the dedication, the liturgy, the symbolism, and the worship segments of it all.

Many times I have planned to write a blog post, looking at various aspect of the American Civil Religion, which are visible in the sports liturgy. The understanding of an Almighty God (the one on the dollar bills, not necessarily related to YHWH), the military focus, the acceptance of violence, and the exceptionalism, are all worthy of wonder and contemplation.

It is still on my list of things, but until I get to it, the article Fox Sports, Super Bowl XLII and the Affirmation of American Civil Religion by Michael Butterworth might be a worthy reading and an older article (from 1992), The Super Bowl as Religious Festival by Joseph L. Price is also quite good.


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