This site is a gathering place for my thoughts, in English and/or Icelandic, often around religion.

The writings on this blog do not necessarily represent those of my current or former employers, and contain most certainly both errors and failed judgment calls from time to time. I apologize for that beforehand.

The oldest part of the site are blog posts and comments originally hosted at elli.annall.is, as a part of the annall.is community. The site also serves as a place for experimentation with web design and from a time to time a forum to present various things I am working on.

I have STM (Master of Sacred Theology) and  MA-LM (Master of Arts in Lay Ministry) from Trinity Lutheran Seminary and BA from University in Iceland (About my studies in Icelandic).

In case you need me to do some consulting or teaching for churches or religious entities, I have created a forum called iSpeculate.net as a platform for my freelance work.

It is possible to find some of my writings on trú.is (articles, faq, and sermons). I wrote a bit on How the Church Responds, a blog used for reflection during a course at Trinity Lutheran Seminary called How the Church Responds to Disasters. I am present on few social networks, among them FacebookLinkedin, and Twitter.

I have been around for a while working mostly with children and youth. Among the places I have dropped by are:

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