Being in a Place of Privilege

After I finished my STM thesis I have from time to time considered whether or not I should attempt to take a PhD in Theology from University of Iceland. For a while I have been looking into Christian Churches in places of privilege and the complicated tension between Christian theology and violence. 

My contention for a long time is that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Iceland has an urgent need to address its current status of privilege in a preparation for a different standing in the near future. At the same time it must address its current status as a majority religion in the country and ask it self difficult questions, how being a majority religion with a constitutionally protected status of privilege might have led it to oppress those not belonging to the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

For the next few weeks, I will review few articles and books that I have read recently. Many of them have some relation to the issues addressed above, other are more general. 

I am going to write those reviews in English to practice my English writing skills, which have not been utilized a lot since I finished my STM thesis in 2010.


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