WordPress Issues and Possible Solutions

In this post I have gathered at one place various possible solutions to WordPress issues I have been challenged with recently.


The need to use SSL for all WordPress sites, to get a higher page rank at Google and avoid unsafe label is being addressed on the web.

It is probably worth looking at sooner or later for the websites I serve. Here are few posts concerning the issue.

  1. Creating an SSL Deployment Strategy for Your WordPress Website.
  2. How to Add SSL and HTTPS in WordPress.

The e-mail Problem

It is becoming more frequent that certain mail-servers block all mail sent out from a WordPress website. I have had to address this issue and find solutions for two different websites in two different countries dealing with two different mail-servers. The solutions have not been optimal but kind-of-work. Here are other possible solutions I have not looked at fully.

How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Email Issue.


Staff Lists/Member Directory

Working with non-profit organizations, where personal connections are highly valuable, it is important to create an easily manageable staff lists/member directories. Few solutions I have looked into recently (I have used other solutions as well that are as good, and are integrated into themes I use).

Connections Business Directory


Staff Directory Plugin: Company Directory

Featured Image Issue

Running a multisite WordPress with 10 different pages, over 50 editors and authors, and up to 7 daily posts, trying to keep the format and look uniform, without daily supervision can be hard. One of the most complex issue is to have writers use Featured image on all posts. Few possible solutions are available. I have not tried them all (yet).

Require Featured Image

WordPress Auto Featured Image

Automatic Featured Images from Videos


One thought on “WordPress Issues and Possible Solutions”

  1. Almost all of those issues have been solved by using WPMU-Dev as my webhost, and implementing their plugins for most of the website that I serve.

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