Driving for LYFT

Few weeks ago I started driving part time for LYFT. It has been an interesting and mostly fun experience, the customers are way more diverse than I could have imagined, be it an organ donor flying in for a yearly check-up at Cleveland Clinic, a 9m old pregnant woman nesting, and needing help with her purchases of children’s stuff, a mom searching for a birthday gift for a 13 year old, a teenager late for her job at a fast food chain, or a musician going catching a flight to audition across the country. Not to forget drunk Roman Catholics celebrating St Patrick’s Day a week early.

Being a part of the LYFT platform is not only about serving those already using the system, but to help it grow. All drivers are part of a referral system, for new users (riders) and new drivers.

If you would like to use LYFT to ride for the first time, you can get a $10 credit from LYFT by clicking on https://lyft.com/iei/HALLDOR79853 (max $5 per ride). If you use the link I will get some credit too.

If, however you would like to drive for LYFT, have your own eligible car,  and would like to get some extra income, I can refer you through this link, https://www.lyft.com/drivers/HALLDOR79853. There is around $50 bonus available for drivers that give 70 rides in 30 days, and of course I get something for referring you to the service.

Using the referral links above is an easy way to get into the LYFT world, but if you rather not help me out, you can find even better offers elsewhere. Sign-up Bonuses for potential LYFT drivers can be way more than the $50 you can earn if you sign-up with my referral link, and if you are a potential costumer/rider, you might be able to find a $25 coupon from LYFT (max $5 per ride).

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