Staff Structure in Congregation

I have concluded that “a staff member reports to a committee” is one of those things that you can say in English but that makes no sense. . . . Committees simply cannot supervise paid staff, because they are not present when the work is done, and it is too difficult for them to speak with one voice. A staff member deserves a boss who works at least as many hours a week as he or she does. Others can participate in the evaluation process or in making policies about staff treatment. But a congregation that wants to remain sane will set its staff up as a single team and hold it responsible for sustaining its own working relationships.

via Leading Ideas: A Resource for Church Leaders.

The problem with this thought from “Leading Ideas: A Resource for Church Leaders” is that the only person that fits the description “a boss who works at least as many hours a week as he or she does,” creates a situation in most congregation where the senior pastor is the staff supervisor, which is not necessarily the optimal situation for the senior pastor.

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