Love Iceland is a company offering assistance and information to couples interested in going to Iceland to tie the knot. The most important aspect of their operation is the website a forum for general information and recommended professionals that can help make a wedding in Iceland a fun, unforgettable, and magnificent experience. I have [...]

Áhugahópur um guðfræðiráðstefnur


I have worked on a number of projects as a member of Áhugahópur um guðfræðiráðstefnur. The group's website started as a simple event page, focused on promoting a single seminar in Iceland, but has become a general presentation of the group, with archived information about former seminars, and promotional material for upcoming events. The website [...]

Jólasveinaþjónusta Skyrgáms


Jólasveinaþjónusta Skyrgáms (e. Skyrgamur - Santa Claus Agency) was founded in Iceland 1998. From beginning I have been one of Santa's helpers, designing printed material, ads, and logos for the agency. My newest project is a design of a simple candy bag, that will be given out to clients, starting Christmas Season 2016. Jólasveinaþjónusta Skyrgáms is first [...]

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