elliHalldor Elias Gudmundsson is an experienced specialist in church development and theological discussion addressing congregational life and leadership. He has substantial experience as a youth director in churches and nonprofit organizations. Halldor is an experienced trainer for trainers both in summer camps and church youth ministry. His main goal is to participate in development and goal setting with churches and nonprofits.

Halldor has worked for various companies as print designer and have experience as a web consultant for nonprofits. As a multimedia consultant Halldor has helped congregations and nonprofits creating a long term presence on the internet through websites and social media.

He hopes to participate in development and goal setting in churches and nonprofits, with emphasis on Youth and/or Family Ministry.

Halldor has STM (Master of Sacred Theology) and MA-LM (Master of Arts in Lay Ministry) from Trinity Lutheran Seminary and BA from University in Iceland.

He has been blogging since 2004, currently at https://ispeculate.wpmudev.host/writings. It is possible to find some of his writings on trú.is (articles, faq, and sermons). He wrote a bit on How the Church Responds, a blog used for reflection during a course at Trinity Lutheran Seminary called How the Church Responds to Disasters. Halldor is present on few social networks, among them FacebookLinkedin, and Twitter.